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What We Do

The Volusia Soil & Water Conservation District provides many valuable services in your area.  This includes:

  • Promoting low impact development
  • Promote the EPA defined LID, sustainable landscaping that can be used to replicate or restore  natural watershed functions and /or address targeted watershed goals
  • Endorse water supply from humidity, e.g. rain barrel use, retention ponds, managing storm water run-off, etc…
  • Seek ways to solve water quality issues
  • Educate county residents about soil and water quality issues
  • Educate county residents about various agricultural opportunities such as community gardening and bee keeping
  • Educate county residents about the importance of controlling invasive species
  • An annual tree seedling sale and to expand indigenous tree growth in Volusia County
  • Reward/recognize those in our county who have excelled in promoting water and soil quality issues

Florida has 62 Soil and Water Conservation Districts.  These were established in 1937, under Chapter 582 Florida Statutes. The Districts are governmental subdivisions of the State of Florida.  Volusia County is represented by the Volusia Soil & Water Conservation District, which consists of five elected supervisors. To read the entire statute this is the link: