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Invasive Species Awareness

The invasive species education program is an information project designed to educate the citizens of Volusia county about non-native plant species that represent a threat to the biodiversity of native plant communities.  They may cause habitat losses in natural areas from exotic pest plant infestations, and alter the habitat of endangered or threatened species.  If invasive species are left unchecked, it is possible the impact to our community could manifest itself in such disasters as increased wild fires and flooding.

The first step in controlling invasive species is to educate the general public by providing a list of the invasive species, pictures and descriptions of them, a plan to eradicate those species from our yards and lands, and offer an indigenous or non-invasive replacement plant if the invasive species was visually desired.  Below, the VSWCD provides that information as a service to our community.  Please equip yourself with this knowledge and consider your contribution to the eradication of invasive species in your area.  We thank you for your stewardship of our lands and waters.

To participate in mapping of invasive species in your area, contact the Florida Natural Areas Inventory at:

Invasive Species of Plants in Volusia County