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Farm Ponds

A farm pond is a very appealing feature, and an increasingly common one, in Florida yards. Ponds provide landscape charm, water retention and treatment, wildlife habitat, recreation and gardening opportunities. But they are not without their own, unique costs and considerations. Whether they are natural or part of site development, they must be considered when making choices about house design, lawn care or general yard use. If planned right, ponds can represent the best — or if not, the worst — about the site.

Ponds in the Landscape

Water adds a magical element to most all landscapes. The change of texture, variety of lighting conditions, sounds, smells, all add to our increased interest in the landscape. Selecting a good pond site is a decision involving many site factors, such as correct slope, soil types and water table, but also practical matters, such as septic tank and house foundation setbacks, utility easements and soil types.

When planning, try to strike a balance between what your permit allows and what the landscape calls for.